The Issue Of Gun Control In The United States

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Gun Control

In recent historical times, gun control has been a largely debated topic in the United States. There are endless arguments on whether there should be gun control or not, floating around in mass media and almost all social medias. There should not be gun control because it would end up harming America and personal lives more than the other way around. People who support gun control generally do so because of the heightened amount of gun crimes, murders and tragedies in the recent past. They also think that since owning and purchasing guns is completely legal, it may fall into the wrong hands and cause a massacre that could’ve been avoided if there was more gun control. Those who oppose do so because they see the other end
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Using complete logic, Americans should agree with the famous statement from the NRA’s website stating: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” This is one of the largest reasons a lot of Americans stand behind keeping guns and freedom. Disarming law abiding citizens would only leave them defenseless, when “bad citizens” or criminals, would happily keep their guns and continue to follow through with their bad intentions. To further my point, criminals would feel relieved to know that the good citizens of America are unarmed, therefore relieving their stress of lethal retaliation when in situations that could potentially be dangerous for them(such as a break-in). Many who support gun control do not think or realize these things. They think of the frightening stats from major cities such as New York, which consistently see things like 33% spike in gun murders every year, according to the New York Post. There is never a perfect situation either way, but having a right to own guns would prevent far more tragedies rather than cause …show more content…
Personal lives are not the only things guns have helped protect. There are thousands of situations each day in which businesses are robbed, held up and/or stolen from. This is usually done by violent criminals armed with weapons or knives, willing to intend harm unless listened to. Just recently in Grand Island Nebraska, the owner of “Odessa Furniture” kept a criminal that had just stabbed a customer confined due to the use of his firearm until Police and help arrived, according to NBC’s Nebraska website. If this store owner had not had his firearm, the stabbing suspect would have easily gotten away before law enforcement arrived. The owner did not even have to shoot to help prevent a dangerous criminal from escaping back into the streets as a free man. Guns can protect someone else’s justice in these certain situations. They can also stop and protect a store or business hold up and losing a financially painful load. All of this while at the same time protecting themselves and their customers from potentially being harmed. Being a law abiding citizen, it’s much better to choose not to be a victim, but a

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