Why Is Gun Control Bad

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With all the recent events that push for gun control, it’s time to stop and think on who this is really helping, the good law abiding citizens, or the law breaking criminals. With the impact that guns do in our society, it is time to stop and think what gun control could do for our nation.(MORE DETAIL) Although gun control seems it might help our society, gun control is a bad idea, because it disarms law abiding citizens and arms the criminals.

Gun Control takes away the gun of people who follow the law. Citizens who follow the law will be the only ones affected by gun control because the guns that citizens buy are on a record, their guns could be taken away with ease because there are gun records of what guns the law abiding citizens use.
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Also that gun control needs to be put in place in order to keep guns out of the wrong hands. The people on this argument are wrong because, first off they need to know that guns aren't evil. Guns aren't evil because they cannot think, speak, or reason, guns are an inanimate object, guns are mainly just a piece of plastic and metal, and is not capable of evil acts upon human beings alone, therefore guns are not evil, the people use guns the way that is illegal are evil. Another reason these arguments are wrong is because criminals can get guns with ease even if gun control was in effect, they already do get guns illegally anyways, what’s going to stop them with gun control in place? Because of this gun control arms the criminals who have no regard for the law and disarms the law abiding citizens who follow the law, when the other side says to get guns out of the “wrong hands”, they already have guns in their own, lastly according to an article about gun control states: “In a perfect world, gun control would mean going house to house throughout the nation and taking away every single firearm, including muzzle loaders. That would be impossible. Regardless of its constitutionality, gun owners would either fight back until there were a nationwide civil war or simply hide their weapons and claim they have none. Since most of those in the US are unregistered, no one knows who has what. Owners could …show more content…
Its is important to know that guns do need to have some restrictions to a certain extent, but not to the point where it disarms our citizens who obey the law. Gun control cannot stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals, they will manage a way of getting guns to their desire. What seems seems to be the problem is gun control because it only hurts the ones who obey the law. We as Americans need to protect the rights of this nation to be free, gun control affects our citizens and not the

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