The Inner City Educational System And The Lack Of Safety Within My Neighborhood

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Growing up in a low income community has affected me greatly by the surrounding I am exposed to like the underfunded inner city educational system and the lack of safety within my neighborhood. The schools that I attended when I was younger always had to deal with large class sizes and constant teacher layoffs that affected my ability to learn efficiently with everyday in school, a new problem arose. For one whole semester in high school i sat on a chair every day on the side of the classroom and was forced to use my lap as a desk because the class was overfilled resulting in my inability to learn properly. The lack of a proper efficient educational system lead to an increase of students dropping out and I didn’t want to become a statistic.

Throughout my childhood, my neighborhood has been riddled with gang violence that seemed to never end. In my junior year of high school I began to get more involved in school so I joined the Library club and on one day I had to stay a couple of minutes after school for a meeting. When I began to walk home on the usual route a couple of feet in front of me a group of guys were standing outside their home when a car drove by and gunned 3 of the men down in a hail of gunfire, forcing me to hide behind a parked vehicle. If it weren’t for that afterschool club meeting I would of been at the wrong place at the wrong time and probably wouldn’t be writing this letter.

Both my parent have very little educational background because…

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