Reflective Essay: Back To America's Education System

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Every country’s educational system is different than the other. Also, moving from one country to another and re-adapting to a new system of education is not easy for teenagers during their senior year and this was my case in july 2014. I moved from lebanon I was sixteen, left my family and friends to live in the United States. However, American High School sounded like a dream to me when I was in Lebanon because the only idea I had about schools here in America was from the disney movie high school musical. But when I went to school my senior year all the fun things that I use to dream about as a high school student turned out to be a nightmare. Even though, my last year of high school sucked but I remember every decision I made …show more content…
On the other hand, everything I was thinking about was college applications and changing major. Unlike here, Back home we had to pick our major at the beginning of our freshman year in high school and it’s really hard to change since all the classes that you take in the following years are related to the major you picked when you were fourteen year old. Good thing I had the opportunity to change my mind and start thinking of something else I really like and enjoy other than law-the major I picked when I was a freshman-. I figured that I am more passionate about science and meds since I did not have the chance to take more biology and science classes. The types of people friends I met did not care about school, they ditched and did all kind of bad things during our last year. However, I couldn’t do anything like them because I was scared of anything that could affect my grades and keep me from graduating on …show more content…
Ed. experience , I had someone to look up to even when I had to learn to be independante and make my own decision. The Assistant pricincipal Ms. Pamela Duzinski was my mentor the second semester of my senior. She helped me apply to College of San Mateo and get all my enrollement paperwork done on time. We met once a week and talked about everything that was going on with my grades and my life. She focused on supporting me with every decision I made and pushing me forward whenever I gave up. Although she was busy working she made sure to find a room for me in her busy schedule to talk and figure out what I need to work on to ameliorate my chances in getting to med school and get successful life. She beleived in me and that what I wanted from a mentor. I have never had someone like her at my old school and even though I had friends my age who can probably understand what I was going through no one helped me as much as she

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