Young Adolescents Research

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Research on young adolescents is always breaking new ground due to the ever-changing youth. Doctors and researchers are always finding new innovative ways to assist the students with learning in order for them to excel. The principles and concepts also change with the developing adolescents and their needs. Theories do not change as much, but instead build.
At this point in the students’ lives, they are at a very vulnerable stage. They are transitioning between childhood and young adulthood, looking for a something new to them. Intellectually, these students are in the process of viewing the world in a less concrete way. They are now starting to make their own assumptions and think for themselves. Physically, young adolescents are in a transitional
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Single parents, no biological guardians, same sex guardians, and other situations are also common today. This can affect the way students view the world, as well as how they learn. The more involved a family is with the students academics, the more the student will achieve. However, with not every family being able to do this, many schools offer after school programs, big brother/big sister programs, and interest programs to foster positive and challenging learning environments. With the collaboration of families and the community in the students’ life, it is shown that the student will achieve more as well as behave better. Including these important aspects will bring new ideas to the table in order for the student to be successful. It will also give the student a feeling of pride because everyone will be rooting for the student. Having these positive influences in the adolescent’s life will help them strive to do better in almost every aspect of school. The students will become more motivated knowing he or she is supported. With motivation comes the drive to do better academically so their support is proud of them. Their attendance and behavior improve with each class because they would want to be at the top of the class, and never get in trouble. These students will be successful in the way that they learn best. When this happens the teacher will become more aware of what works best for this particular student and …show more content…
It is my responsibility to foster a positive learning environment, to create strong bonds, and become an advocate for the students. With a positive learning environment students will feel like they can open up and be an individual instead of being afraid of failure and disapproval. Strong bonds will create a personal relationship with students so they do not feel alone in school or in life. Many teachers and advisors go above and beyond their actual job in order for the student to not feel alone. Advocating students in school and life will foster a supportive relationship enabling them from feeling

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