The Importance Of Writing Skills

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Register to read the introduction… These are essential elements in planning, organizing, and executing an effective paper that will provide the reader with a clear picture of the topic being discussed and presented. These are important skills to possess when writing, however, there are also weaknesses that come into play that stand in the way of my writing as a result, regardless of what strengths I may have as a writer. The most important weakness that was made clear as a result of the plagiarism tutorial, and has caused problems with regards to my writing in the past, is the fact that I am unable to explain and support the evidence gathered and to be presented and discussed in my papers. Although my strength is outlining and aligning the information (main points to be discussed), I find it difficult to explain the information in a manner that flows from one point to the next. Something is lost along the way and I become frustrated as the paper is not structured in a clear and concise manner that makes sense to the reader. This may be due to the fact that I put too much information in my outline and thus it makes it difficult to determine how much of the information …show more content…
Keeping in mind that we can all become good writers is important and by using all the resources available to us, be it the writing center, tutorials such as the one by Pearson Education, instructors in each class we take, and our own peers, will make the path towards enhancement much less stressful and a more attainable goal. In conclusion, the information presented in the Avoiding Plagiarism
Tutorial has allowed me to reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses as a writer and
The steps I need to take in order to overcome my fear of plagiarism and to learn to write in a manner that will make sense and allow the reader to understand the information being presented. The weaknesses I possess will take time to correct but by utilizing the numerous resources out there, as well as developing my strengths, I will be able to master the writing skills that will help me become successful, both academically and

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