The Importance Of Learning To Write And Unlearn

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When I heard about an author, Tad Hershorn, coming to visit my English class, I was not amazed at all. I barely read one or two articles from him and never heard of him before. However, when I walked out of that session with him and all my classmates, I took a lot of helpful tips with me to instill in my writing. I was not expecting to learn so many different things from a person I was meeting for an hour and a half. I was astonished as to how my easy my writing can become better; all I have to do is learn to do some things I do not really do. To make my writing better, Tad Hershorn gave me and my fellow classmates tips such as to read everyday, put my ideas on paper before writing an essay, learn to cut ideas, find editors, make the quality of my writing the best piece I can do and unlearn things.
Hershorn made it clear to everyone in the room that in becoming a good writer you need to read everyday. He mentioned that by reading and getting used to good writing will make your writing better. Two articles from the New York Times are what he suggested students read everyday because those works are edited and portray respectable writing. I will try to read more articles in
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I did not realize what he meant for the first couple weeks of English 101, what he meant by unlearning things. But, then it eventually hit me. I have to put away everything I have learned as a writer and start anew. At first, I kept using my old ways of writing, which was a traditional 5-paragraph essay, never using “I” or “you” in my essays, and writing for the reader. But, then I realized that I could expand my writing and write about more things. I stopped restricting myself to writing such short essays and writing for the reader. I saw an improvement in my grades as well, so I will continue to do unlearn the old ways I was taught to write and learn the new

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