The Crucible Reflection Essay

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As you know reading and writing is essential to being successful in life . Throughout my school years I was not always the best English student . From elementary to high school I would always do bad on essays and I was uninspired in reading because of the books that we read . But one book that impacted me in reading and writing was a book that we read during my junior year in high school . During this time we were reading this book called the Crucible . At first I did not want to read this because I thought it was like all the other old time stories. This story was one of favorites and books that I actually read because of the characters , theme , and the suspense throughout the story. In the Crucible the setting of the story …show more content…
Some of the themes that I saw was jealousy . This was shown because Abigail was jealous of Elizabeth Proctor. Another major theme was lying . If you read the summary of the book , you would know people lying on other being witches. I found it ironic in the story that when somebody did tell the truth somebody actually died. This is what made me keep reading the book . John Proctor cared about his reputation so much that he would rather give up his life then lie. . Good vs Evil was another theme that was displayed in the story . Like in real life , people are always to going to be on the good side or a bad side of things. In the case of the story the bad side was to accuse people of being witches and the good side was those who were accused of being witches.
As you know in high school most of the things that you read , you have to write a paper. As I mentioned earlier that I was not a good writer so I dreaded this assignment . But after being so interested in the book , I did not mind writing a paper. After we were done reading the book , I got help from my teacher on writing. I put a lot of hard work into the essay that I was able to get a good grade with getting a high B. After reading the Crucible , I have a new approach in reading in writing and becoming more dedicated to my

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