The Importance Of Working At Work

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This presentation fits into our class because it talks about why people at work are not as productive as they should be. This is important because many bosses assume that many of their workers are wasting time online and on social media such as Facebook and Twitter when in actuality, the biggest productivity killers are meetings and managers (M&Ms). In addition, it is also important because so many companies waste money on building offices when many people do not even prefer working at an office in their company. It shows that something needs to be changed and how the money used to build offices should be used for something more resourceful and impactful. The speaker’s major point that I found most interesting and surprising is the idea that he says that work and sleep …show more content…
The real problems in the modern office today are managers and meetings (M&Ms). Some ideas that he said that could be incorporated into the workplace are things like no talking Thursday, passive models of communications such as e-mail or instant messaging and to just cancel meetings. I enjoyed his presentation and how he puts the idea that work and sleep act in the same manner because it makes it more relatable and it makes it easier to understand since everyone has to sleep and everyone has to work. Short bursts of time to get things done at work are not effective either. Correspondingly, I liked how he pointed out examples that are concise and easy to understand. For example, he states that with creative people such as designers, they need long sections of uninterrupted time in order to get something done. He states that one should not be able to ask somebody to be creative in 15 minutes and really have that person think about that problem and provide quality work. I love he uses the term “you” in a way that is very direct and it makes it feel like you are put into somebodies exact same

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