Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

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Have you ever visited a zoo? Perhaps you enjoyed seeing a variety of wildlife without fearing the danger of your life? Or perhaps, instead, you wondered the happiness of the animal in its new environment? As long as humans have been on Earth, we’ve found that our progress was not altered by the wellbeing of other animals. We’ve often destroyed their environments and domesticated them beyond the point of no return, sometimes hunting them to the point of extinction. Now we’ve tried to halter our decimation of the animal kingdom with wildlife conservation areas. Now, however, we often bring the animals out of their habitats to view them, often ignoring the side effects this treatment might have. Even though it is good to protect wild animals who cannot survive in the wild, Zoos should not hold wild animals for visitor viewage because it suppresses the animal’s ability to survive in the wild, creates overcrowding in the environment the animal is in, and how the zoo is mainly catering to the public rather that the animal.

One reason for why wild animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos is because being in such an environment suppresses the animal’s natural instincts. According to the
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The article,”Do Animals Lose In Zoos,” mentions that most of the time, at the end of the day, the zoo will cater to what viewers want to see. This often leads to cute charismatic, large, and attractive animals are more often chosen to be placed in zoos, and this mentality often leads to forced breeding, which can cause many other issues. Even though a zoo is a business, and we shouldn’t look down on them for trying to make a profit out of the business, we should not excuse any neglect on the part of the zoo itself. Therefore, we should make sure that zoos keep their animals in prime and natural treatment, rather than simply giving what we might like to

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