The Importance Of Violent Video Games: The Cause Of Violence

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Bang! The main character of the popular video game is now dead. However, just because a character dies, a child will not go out and hurt someone else. There’s a line between fantasy and reality. Every gamer knows that line and are well aware of the effects a video game has on him/her. Therefore, it’s impossible to say violent video games are the direct cause of violence in youth. The United States should not ban violent videos when they are not the direct cause.

The parents can see what the video game they are giving their children is about. Based on the cover itself, there are pictures that dictate what the game will be about. They can be about guns, fighting, or any other form of violence. In a study by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), “77% of parents believe that the parental controls available in new video game consoles are useful.” These features limit how often and which games can be played. These parental controls allow the parents to control what their children play and how often, with a password or PIN. Parents can set up these controls on every console in their house. This will help prevent a future ban that would die the moment it would be thought up.

In 2005, California passed a law banning video games. This law banned the sale of video games unless game makers include a
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Ferguson, another psychologist, has proven the claims by Williams and Skoric. He said, “that laboratory results have not translated into real world.” From there, he went on to claim “that much of the research into video game violence has failed to control for other variables such as mental health and family life, which may have impacted the results.” (Ferguson) His work has shown that children that have been exposed to such variables are more likely to choose to play a violent video game. He goes on to say that because of these variables, the children are more likely to turn to violence, compared to those that just play violent video

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