The Importance Of The Prism Program

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The government immensely overstepped its legal boundary to set up the Prism program in the year 2001. The citizens of the United States were not made aware about the program and the only time any public statement was made about it was by Edward Snowden an ex – CIA system analyst in 2013. So, it was 12 years after that we came to know about the program and the NSA was illegally collecting our personal data. Since the public was not made aware of it, there was an outrage when the citizens of America learned about the program. The Prism program is the violation of the rights of the citizens of the United States under the law. The fourth amendment is the part of the Bill of Rights which state that government organizations are prohibited from carrying …show more content…
They think that it is necessary to ensure the security of the nation. They say that the program has indeed worked efficiently and has allowed them to stop major terrorist activities. The New York Times, a credible newspaper published President Obama’s White House speech in which he said, “In sum, the program does not involve the NSA examining the phone records of ordinary Americans. Rather, it consolidates these records into a database that the government can query if it has a specific lead.” The President and majority of the senate is in favor of the Prism programs. Thus the Prism program is still active and continues to collect the data of the citizens. The chief of the NSA stated in his public statements that the NSA has stopped a lot of terrorist activities before they could occur, but the NSA has not been able to back up their claim. On the other hand there have been numerous terrorist activities over the last decade that the NSA has failed to stop. I can appreciate the fact that the government values the security of its citizens and they have a noble motive however their approach is wrong. The government’s logic is that if it is an act to provide more security to the citizens, they should do it but it is completely absurd. The Bill of Rights were made so that the government does not do any illegal activity and since the American government values the freedom and rights of its citizen so it should not violate those rights under any

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