The Importance Of Technology In Today's Generation

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"Generation Y - or Millennials, the Facebook Generation or whatever you want to call today 's cohort of young people - has been accused of being the laziest generation ever. They feel entitled and are coddled, disrespectful, narcissistic and impatient..." (Rampell). When people say things like this, it makes me so furious! I hear it all the time, and I don 't think that it 's fair. When anyone says anything like that, they are making a generalization. Any and all generalizations aren 't fair. Most of the technology that the Millennials Generation uses that makes us "lazy," is technology that wasn 't even created by us. Technology also has some useful advantages. Last but not least, this isn 't the first time an earlier generation called the …show more content…
Scott Hess, Vice President of Insights for TRU, a global youth research firm, points out, "Millennials are the new target. Millennials you are entitled, lazy, and just not fit to live, right?" (Hess). This exact thing has happened over and over in the past. A generation is typically about twenty five years. That is a lot of time for change to occur. New things are invented to make things that were done before, easier. People used to work in factories assembling cars in an assembly line, and now we have machines that do all the work for us. I guarantee that at least one person that had worked in the assembly line would call us lazy because of it. I think that this is a reoccurring event simply because of difference. Millennials are so much different than Generation X people, and they hate that. We don 't act they same way they do and we have more available to us. Our lives, in terms of technology, is much easier than theirs. We have it so easy, that they might even be jealous of us in a way. I know I would be jealous if I had to walk to school every day and another person go to drive. That 's just the way that people are. We want things quickly and we want it to be easy. Scott Hess, said another thing in his Ted Talk that stood out to me, "The reporters told me what was happening was a generational clash. My boss was a Boomer, whatever that meant, and I was Gen-Xer and we were destined to have problems because I was part of an entitled, lazy, goof off generation," (Hess). Scott just proved my point even further. He confirmed that this isn 't the first time that this has happened. Someday, the Millennials will be able to call the generation after us "lazy" and "undriven," but in reality we will be jealous of them and disgusted because they are just so different from

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