Why Is Technology Important In Schools

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Technology has come a long way, from relying on word of mouth to witnessing it on surveillance. Surveillance cameras are a must-have, especially for businesses to help to lower the theft rate as well as keeping prices down. Security cameras are beneficially because it is a reliable source for evidence and preventing dangerous situation from spiraling out of control.Technology advancements has played a huge role in catching culprits involved in crimes. On social media it is very easy to find footage of a fight that has occurred on school premises. Therefore, it is important to have cameras involved in the school system, but is that invading the privacy of the students? Will security cameras in schools prevent crimes,domestic violence, harassment,and bullying? …show more content…
With the way technology has advanced, kids are able to have cellular devices in schools and it is almost normal to see footage of a fight, a child being tortured, sexual harassment and even a teacher being tyrannized by his or her own students. If cameras are put in place the students as well as teachers will feel safer and bullying and fights would be less likely to take place. The trouble-makers will feel as if they are being watched and will become smarter in decision making. Putting cameras into schools will have a positive impact, especially public schools. Parents would no longer have to worry about the well-being of their child because the security cameras will secure the safety among the students and teachers. According to an article about surveillance cameras in schools, Robert Ratcliff states , “A poll of North Americans in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012 has revealed that the majority of people would prefer their children attend a school with video surveillance systems rather than one without.” Events as tragic as the Sandy Hook Shooting as well as the Columbine High School massacre all occurred at public schools. Drastic

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