Students Should Have School Hours Essay

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Studies have shown that people who take short breaks throughout the dayto do light, outdoor excercise are more productive than those who do not.Students will get stressed out from work and somtimes other personal reasons,time to go outside would give us students time to socialize and have a little physical activity to get our energy out and get focused for work.
Some kids would also like time to avoid the most likely bullying they may have going on around school and talk to somebody about it. I would like to discuss more on why we should have breaks. Teachers will benefit to!
I believe that we should have around a 10 minute break for school days.
In order for the students to focus for work. outside and run around for atleast a short amount of time to get their energy out. For those around the school
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Teachers would also like a break to discuss future assignments with other teachers, discuss student grades even. Teachers could take the time to go into their classrooms and get a project ready or a science teacher could have a expirement ready before the students even show up to class! All of these …show more content…
But not only can this free time be for fun mind you, but some students who choose too could take the time to go back to class and finish unfinished work or take time to study for an exam coming up the next day! During this time the students can go to a class of their choosing and study for an exam or work with the teacher to help you study and learn information that you might not have gained in the time they were in class the days before.
Finishing late work can be a good grade booster and if a student chooses

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