The Importance Of School Dress Codes In Schools

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Register to read the introduction… Students had a decreased incidence of discipline reports and a greater retention rate. However, middle school students showed less improvement during the second year. Gender did not seem to be a significant factor. According to Padgett (1998) student dress code survey results among teachers from a rural elementary school indicated strong agreement that more professional dress among students resulted in improved behavior and increased quality of academic performance. …show more content…
In recent years much research has been conducted on the matter. In 2012 approximately 70% of secondary school principals indicated that they believed that the adoption of a school dress code would reduce discipline problems and related violence (Lumsden, 2012). The most compelling evidence from proponents of a school dress code is its role in school safety. The ability to distinguish students in a crowd offers allows teachers and administrators to identify unwanted intruders on campus as well as their own students on a field trip (Boutelle,

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