The Importance Of Safety On College Campuses

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College campuses are a very influential piece of property. Teens tend to find themselves and find their life-time friends on the campuses. Many thoughts run through teens minds when they enter a college campus. They think about where they will spend their free time, who they are going to hang out with, and what clubs they are going to join. But when parents walk onto college campuses, they tend to think about how safe the campus really is. They search for emergency poles, security guards, police officers, and video cameras. Sending one’s impressionable teen out the door onto an unknown campus is a scary thought. Parents just want their children to be safe and happy, but most of all safe. Crimes occurring at colleges are increasing year after …show more content…
A young woman tends to fear walking home alone more than a young man would. She feels vulnerable, helpless, and unprotected. A young man might feel fear, but generally will not be attacked. One thing that would improve campus safety would be to have security guards and officers on campus and readily available at all times. It would definitely be a large cost having to hire more security guards and having the hire police to stay on campus at all times. Also a good way to lessen people’s fear is to have emergency poles located every three hundred feet. An emergency pole is a pole that has a telephone that calls the security office. If a student was ever in trouble and felt targeted, he could simply run to one of those poles and press the button to ask for help. A security guard or police officer would be there in less than a minute. Emergency poles would be expensive to install but would last for years and would relieve many students’ fears. But not all colleges have the funds or have donators to pay for such expensive precautions. “The Contra Costa Community College District, which has almost 62,000 students in the San Francisco Bay Area”, decided to remove some of their emergency poles due to the expensive up keep. It cost about $50,000 annually for upkeep. Hiring more security would also be an expensive endeavor. Nevertheless, there is another way to make students feel safer. An inexpensive way would be to have the fraternities take turns on patrolling the campus. The young men would be available to walk their peers to their vehicles or to walk them home. For the students involved in fraternities, community service is a requirement, so the boys who volunteer to help patrol would receive community service hours. It would be a win-win situation for the boys and for the college. (Moltz

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