Guns On Campus Research Paper

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In the past year, there have been a total of twenty three shootings on college campuses (Sanburn). School shootings have been at an all time high in the past years. Due to this, colleges are questioning how they can further protect their students. Gun advocates believe that if a student had the right to carry a gun, there would be far less shootings. Those who argue that students should carry a gun, also state that it would cause for a safer environment and protecting oneself. On the other hand, many argue that allowing more guns on campuses would cause more gun violence to occur. While many argue that guns should not be allowed on college campus, guns can help students feel safe and prevent any future school shootings. Despite those that …show more content…
Students often argue that being able to carry a gun could change the tide of any school shooting that might occur. A college republican president recently spoke on the topic of self defense and argues that student will not wave their gun around campus or class. Students will use their guns in a matter of self-defense (Gass). Furthermore, A former beauty pageant from California, Taylor Woolrich, has had a past experience where she has been stalked for numerous months and has come close to being raped. She believes that carrying a weapon could not only safe her life, but the life of others around her. In the article “Should students carry guns on campus?”, Rajini Vaidyanathan, a author for BBC News states: “Taylor is desperately frightened that he could be released, or allowed out on bail. She 's certain that if that happened, he would be able to find her. For that reason, she wants the right to carry a gun on her university premises, arguing it 's the only way she could overpower him if the pair came face to face” (Vaidyanathan). In other words, Taylor Woolrich is arguing how colleges should all students the right to carry a concealed weapon in order to protect themselves in a life or death situation. In addition, Taylor has also stated that she carries mace and has considered carrying a taser but feels that without a gun, she cannot defend herself from any attackers

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