Should Guns Be Allowed On College Campuses

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Should Guns be Allowed on College Campuses?
Should guns be allowed on college campuses? No, there are many reasons why it would be dangerous to introduce guns into colleges and universities. The college experience usually begins at age 18 and may continue through the late 20s. These are often the years for abusing drugs, drinking alcohol, attempting suicide, and having mental issues. If guns are combined with such activities, injury can play a big factor and sometimes even death. Guns are used for personal protection, not to injure someone for no apparent reason. With the increase in violence in today’s world, allowing guns on college campuses does not appear to be a logical, productive policy for any institution of higher learning to have,
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“In 1998, juveniles and youth under age 25 committed 54 percent of gun homicides in which the offender was known; juveniles under age 18 alone accounted for 12 percent of gun homicides in which the offender was known” (Egendorf, 2005). These statistics shows how guns can take control over the younger generation. College campuses are a risky environment for guns to be allowed. “One study found that guns were twice as likely to be present in homes of teen suicide victims as in the homes of suicide attempters” (Egendorf, 2005). When guns are present in the home it is required that it be locked and secured away from any children. There have been numerous cases where children or teens have accidentally or purposely fired a gun in the home, just because it was not in a secure setting. Studies argue that “guns do not kill people, people kill people”. This statement simply says that the gun is not responsible, the shooter is. With that being said, it is likely that the gun user would kill or cause injury of some sort. There must be a reason for pulling the trigger, there is always a motive. You must think of the dangers and potential risks of having guns on college campuses. Crimes such as robberies, stealing cars, and stealing purses are some common things that happen on college campuses. With things like this happening, it could cause a lot of commotion and with guns being involved, it could lead to a serious matter. With all the drawbacks of allowing guns on college campuses, it is important that it be thought about wisely and with great

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