Campus Carry Research Paper

The Mechanics and Impact of Campus Carry
Should students, faculty, and staff be allowed to carry gun on college campus?This has been the controversial topic of gun control in several sates.Tragic events like Sandy Hook elementary, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Umpqua Community College and UT in 1966 inspired legislature too sanction conceal weapons in college campus. Senate bill 11 pass and will take place in August 2016 in all public Texas university.There is an abundance of feeling about Senate bill 11but the overall concern is safety. Safety is the well-being of the students,professor, security in mental and physical. Gun should be allow on college campus because they will offer safety, it 's a constitutional right, and will accustom person to
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Campus carry is conceal weapon the key word is conceal. student and staff shouldn 't know who is carrying they must follow the rule and regulation set by Bill or university. Tension will be high when first apply as nobody is sure if the outcome of the new law in Texas. it will dwindle down once everybody because accustomed to the idea. Also does every single person going to grocery store or mall think about who are license to carry a conceal weapon and if they are carrying. Guessing if the woman with children or the couple at the tables are carrying a gun. The idea is not constantly because it out sight is similar principle idea that university will follow.In addition, university can apply training course like title IX so student can full understand the mechanics of campus carry.Security and self-defense are the main argument in debate of conceal carry. Those who are carriers there is a sense of security. most college campus have security guard that do not carry a gun. They will not be equip to stop rare mass shooting that happened.. In addition to security some university do not allow stun guns to be used as a form of self-defense or pepper spray. Campus carry will add an additional option choice for individual to have as self-defense mechanism.some might argue they will be incident with student binge drinking. Conceal Carry essay states that the NIAAA founded that older student of 21 and older do not take part in binge drinking. those who do are underage do it because they are not allowed to and do not have the same environment as some older drinking. Using resource of both essay of The Case Against Guns On Campus and Why our Campuses are NOT Safer without Concealed Handguns, Florida conducted a research project that 1400 convicted felony had a conceal carry permit. in

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