Gun Control And Mass Shootings

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The second amendment is a very commonly discussed issue in 21st century America. This debate includes many facets. Many expert opinions based on statistics, studies, and data differ on whether or not guns should be legal or not. These arguments also delve into many details of legislation that could and should, according to the professionals, be implemented into our society. Two issues within the gun carrying debate is if and how gun control affects mass shootings and if concealed carry on college campuses should be legal or not. Expert views argue both sides in many different scenarios. Essentially, the opinions question whether or not gun control would limit or increase the amount of mass shootings in America. Certain beliefs
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It is necessary to test the correlation of gun ownership and shootings. The reason for this is because gun acquisition can relate to unintended violence, or in other words, mass shootings (Wallace 157). One side of the argument is that “the more widely available guns are, the more people will be murdered” (LaFollete 274). The opposing argument believes that if guns are readily available in bystander’s hands, then counterattacks are more likely to happen (Fox and DeLateur 137). Unfortunately, these arguments don’t provide statistically significant information to make a clear answer one way or another. According to LaFollete, “empirical evidence does not univocally support either side” and hence, no strong proposals can be offered or accepted (274). Both sides of the argument have done numerous studies to try and prove their point but none are considered significant. A lesser known, third opinion is that gun control effects on mass shootings is a myth created by the media. Wallace claims that media coverage of these events results in society linking gun acquisition to mass shootings when there might actually be no correlation at all (159). Kleck also chimes in saying “42% of the news stories defined the problem” as too many guns and too little gun control (1448). Although this idea doesn’t actually support one side or the other, it …show more content…
In the summer of 2016, a law was passed that allows college students to legally carry concealed weapons on campus. However, this idea is still being heavily debated and many people are arguing whether or not it is an intelligent notion. One argument is that “colleges and universities offer unique challenges to security” which is why students should have the ability to personally defend themselves in case of an attack (Fox and Savage 1474). Patten, Thomas, and Wada concur that in some cases “armed campuses will be a less attractive target to those wanting to commit acts of violence” (553). However, others believe that guns not being actively used as a defence against crimes need to be locked up (Kleck 1462). Additionally, a study done on 2500 American adults shows “94 % did not think regular citizens should be allowed to carry guns on college campuses” (Patten, Thomas, Wada 552). This survey doesn’t pertain specifically to students, but it does show that an overwhelming majority does not want non students to have the right to carry while they are on campuses. Studies on students show that “both graduate students and international students are particularly vulnerable to mental health problems due in large part to their increased levels of stress” (Fox and Savage 1475). In a 318 student survey at

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