Kate Franklin: The Positive Aspects Of Counseling

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In Kate’s situation, counseling will be beneficial due to her vulnerability as it is difficult to admit that one needs help in a high school relationship. Her reluctance to her boyfriend’s desires shows that she is not mentally prepared for the effects of such intimacy and that she is fairly aware of the potential consequences. Counseling could provide Kate with support to voice her opinions on the matter. As her counselor, I may find it difficult to detach my family experience from her possible outcome from succumbing to these threats. Growing up, my sister became a teenage mother and while, not every outcome is the same, sex can take a similar toll on those who are mentally vulnerable. For Kate, I believe that her doubts stem more from insecurity …show more content…
This family can benefit from counseling as a whole. While Franklin’s actions are unacceptable, he needs more attention prior to actions as opposed to after the actions. For his mother, she must understand that, although she may be doing her best, her son acting out in frustration. Replacing a parent is never easy, and adding in, a parent who is a different race makes matters a little tougher. As a young sixth grade student, Franklin probably thinks about life in similarities and comparisons. If his family does not look like his friends’ families, then there must be something wrong with his life. Differences, in this season of life, cannot be celebrated by sixth graders. To say that your son will end up like his father can be a loaded statement, and while it may just be frustration, it does not nullify the impact that it can have. For instance, if Franklin were to hear that, he may internalize that as his mother developing a disdain for him. In fact, Franklin may be challenging his mother to see if she would replace him like she did with his father. While I am not trying to cast blame on his mother, she must understand that her actions will always directly affect him. Franklin’s stepfather can only do as much as Franklin will allow him. As he balances the act of being a stepfather, he must also understand that for Franklin, this new journey is coming at a sensitive middle school stage. For Franklin, counseling will be tough. Although he is calling out for attention, he does not necessarily want to see someone for it. Given his circumstances, I may find difficulty in remaining patient. As a counselor, I know, initially, it would be difficult for me to witness people refusing to better their circumstances. Knowing Franklin may not want to pursue a change would be tough, but I would not give up on him. Much like the advice I would present to the parents, I would

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