Biopsychosocial Case Study Examples

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Biopsychosocial Information
“Nick” is a fifteen-year old African American male that has been a resident at The Bridge since July, 2016. Prior to being referred for treatment by truancy court, Nick had been smoking approximately ten blunts a day and spending money on a daily basis for marijuana. There has been a history of family conflict and recently, Nick’s paternal grandmother passed away from cancer. He was residing with his mother and father along with his two younger siblings. Nick’s mother and father have been together for approximately twenty years. Their relationship has faced many struggles that have included infidelity and abuse. According to Nick, he has a close relationship with his younger sister (age ten) and his younger brother (age fourteen). He has stated that he looks out for them, especially his younger brother. Nick also has a criminal history. In the past, he has committed armed robbery while he was under the influence of marijuana.
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With using his motivation to change himself, the goal is for Nick to be taught that his thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all affected by each other. If he is able to change his thought process on the issue that is presented to him, he will see a change in how he feels and ultimately how he behaves in the situation.
A second goal that has been identified on Nick’s treatment plan is improving his relationship with his mother and father. Structural Family Therapy is an example of an intervention that is being used to address their relationship. Nick’s sense of family appears to be very strong and he feels that there needs to be an improvement in their communication with each other. This intervention will assess the roles, boundaries and behaviors within the family system. There are family sessions that are being conducted on a weekly basis to focus on this treatment goal.
Transference and

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