The Importance Of Psychology In Industrial Organizational Psychology

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How do you personally intend to apply these concepts or theories to your job?

The concepts we learned in Industrial Organizational Psychology in industrial organizational psychology apply to different aspects of employment and management in the workplace. I would like to apply in my workplace everything I learned about theories and concepts. I would like to share with my supervisor and management to find better solutions to the issues the Insurance company faces. Specially, the issues in “Organization Communication, Legal Issues and Motivation” would benefit my company and its employees. There are different types of communication we can use with the supervisors in order for our issues to be able to be heard by the manager. The manager
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But as an employee of the company, I can suggest to the supervisor or manager of different types of changes that actually help the company to be a better environment and to help the company be successful. I would like to implement most of what I learned in my class and in the book. I would start by talking first to my supervisor about the different types of “communication and listening skills” that we need to be aware of. Also, I would mention to him that the company can implement new training programs for “communication and listening skills”, and also some “exercises for employees to work as a team”. The employees try to imitate the way management behaves and that is how they communicate with us. Our online communication is working perfectly in regards to customers, but there is zero % of communicating by email in the workplace from one team to another. We basically call each other by phone if we need something to be done immediately. I would mention that it is important to communicate with listening skills when the performance review is done every six months, so the supervisor and manager have the opportunity to praise the employees for good performance, but also it is time to set new goals, so the company goals can be accomplished. If I were a manager, I would implement these trainings every three to six months, so we are able to communicate better and understand each other. I would motivate my employees by paying them more than what other companies pay them, so when it comes to ask them to do more work, they won’t be complaining to do so and they will know that money is not an issue. At least they won’t leave the company for that reason. I would let them know about the vision and mission of the company, so “communication, motivation, and laws can actually help them to work as a team.” I would explain to each employee the different harassment

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