Reflective Essay: My Progress In My Writing

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My Progress English has always been a favorite subject of mine. Back in elementary school English and Reading were one and the same; then, came junior high and suddenly English became all about writing, mainly writing my own ideas. For some time I struggled to find a voice and by the time Senior Year came around I found Creative Writing and had a strong sense of voice. In Creative Writing (my final high school English class) there were no comma errors, little required organization, with an emphasis on pathos and setting the scene; one could say that after several years of not stepping into a classroom, this is what my college writing most closely resembled.
As mentioned earlier my final high school English class did not require proper
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I used them to make my point instead of support to my point. After speaking with you about my Writing Project 2 rough draft I set to work and reworked some of the stories I included, which I was too attached to at the time to completely remove. I added more of my thoughts and opinions and tried to write with a little less intention of pulling at the heartstrings of the reader. Slowly throughout the semester I successfully weaned myself off of them completely. Not to say that I will not use them in the future, but for this semester I wanted to gain more writing experience without what was already a strong point of mine in order to sharpen my other skills. So, in Writing Project 3 I almost dropped them completely as a way to prove to myself that I could have a strong paper without them. Finally in Writing Project Four I believe I was able to disclude them …show more content…
This caught me off guard, because I thought I remembered how to properly do so, but after seeing the notes on Writing Project Three I realize that in the future I will have to be more studious of this. I know that my Works Cited Page for Writing Project Four will be much better than in Writing Project Three, now that I have included hanging indentation, but after looking upon the rest of my work in Writing Project Three I worry that I should have double checked to make sure I quoted other’s work correctly. As stated, I thought I had no need to worry about this particular part of writing. I wonder if the reason for so many errors in Writing Project Three was because I did not comb through it enough during the editing process. This will be another thing to keep in mind for my future work. All things considered, I believe this was a successful semester. I improved my comma usage while refining my use of imagery and anecdotes and, although perhaps I did not improve within the class as much as I could have, I now have a better idea of what needs work in the

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