The Importance Of Professionals In Accounting

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Before starting their career, business students should seek out accomplished professionals in their field of study to gather valuable tips and information. In the effort to find out more about the career that I chose, Accounting, I contacted a young auditor from E&Y and set up an interview with her. During the interview, the auditor provided me information about how she obtained her current position and what the accounting profession demands. She also gave me some advice about how to enter and remain competitive in Accounting. The following are specific details from the interview.

Current position
Ms. Chau Nguyen, the auditor I interviewed, was a graduate from Georgia State University. She was a foreign exchange student at one point but due
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Nguyen showcased her abilities to the overseer of the program and networked with professionals from the company to learn more about its business practices. After completed the program, she was offered a full time position as an audit analyst. Her duties now include managing audit project planning and preparation activity, assess processes and controls and perform quality assurance activities. Although she is not an expert in every subfield of Accounting, the knowledge that she acquired through networking and cooperating with other accountants and managers of E&Y made her a very reliable source of information for me to learn more about my intended career …show more content…
Nguyen recommended that the student should pursue a master’s degree in Accounting. Although double majoring will fulfill the 150 credit hours required to sit for the CPA exam, it will not help the students tackle the CPA exam itself due to the lack of rigor of undergraduate courses. Ms. Nguyen also strongly emphasizes the importance of relevant work experience that undergraduate students need to possess in order to compete with other applicants. She recommended taking internships and entry level jobs that involve duties such as book-keeping, controlling account payable or account receivable and bank reconciliation. Although the work may be tedious and repetitive, it will expose students to more aspects of the industry and the experience received will become valuable in the future when applying for more lucrative

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