The Importance Of Peter Hall Lecture

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Register to read the introduction… Just 100 cities account for 30 percent of the worlds economy. Through these cities the workings of the global economy are channelled, with its capital its knowledge, expertise and even through the current recessions and 2007-2009 banking crisis, it is still financially and politically stable. These world cities such as Brussels, Frankfurt, London and New York seem to have a almost disproportionately important role in the global economic system. They not only allow but thrive off global finance and trade to function in a few strategic geographic …show more content…
Peter Hall defines world cities as “centres of political power, both national and international and of the organizations related to government; centres of national and international trade, acting as entrepôts for their countries and sometimes for neighbouring countries also; hence, centres of banking, insurance and related financial services; centres of advance professional activity of all kind(...)”
His lecture continued to go on to a very key point “the informationalization of the economy” Informatization refers to the extent by which a geographical area, an economy or a society is becoming information-based, i.e., increase in size of its information labor force. Informatization to the Information Age is what industrialisation was to the Industrial Age. It has been stated
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The Industrial Age has caused among other things the industrialisation of agriculture. The Information Age has resulted to the informatization of the agricultural industry. In lamons terms through the growth and exchange of information we were/are able to expand and develop at a much faster rate. A case study which proves this would to be viewing a place which hasn’t or failed to experience much informationalization, this country being Afghanistan. After the Great British Empire retreated from this area, the country was locked down in a almost pre industrial era, not allowing the advancement of technology or trade in that area, in turn this has sparked many controversies over the years, the main one being the current war

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