The Importance Of Management Paper Tracking System

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In this week’s essay we will be delivering a training program to the organization which will best suite the requirement to train the employees to use a new electronic time sheet tracking system when logging their hours v. the current, and soon to be phased out, paper tracking system. We will accomplish this by choosing the correct training method and completing the activities involved with the selected training method. Our employees are a little resistant of this change and expressing displeasure so it will be important to ensure we deliver the training with the correct method and successfully. Let’s begin by looking at the training methods we have to choose from. In our text we find there are three types of training methods (Beebe, 2013), …show more content…
Now that we have chosen our training method it is time to put this method to action. (Beebe, 2013) Managing experiential activities is a four step process: planning, preparing, presenting, and assessing. First, we need to plan the activity. What areas of the new time keeping system are the most important? Do we really need to focus on how many hours we log or how we classify our time, or do we need to focus of the technology aspect of inputting our time in the database. How will employees log sick leave, vacation requests, and expense reports? Now we need to prepare how we are going to present the training material. We may need to think of items such as office space, classrooms, computers, whiteboards, smartboards, and the list can go on. Getting the team together to brainstorm these ideas may really help at this point in the process. Once we have completed these steps it is now time to present the material to the employees. We know the employees were not happy with the change so we need to ensure we present the material in a way describes a purpose and a meaningful result with gains for the employee and the company. Finally, once the presentation is complete, provide the employees with a critique or feedback …show more content…
Understand that training is a collaborative effort and to be successful takes the work of everyone involved. All three training methods could be considered

WEEK 3 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ESSAY 6 team efforts, even lecturing which is usually done by one individual but that one person usually works with a team of associates creating and designing curriculum to be

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