Peer Reflection: The Writing Process

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Instead of rushing headlong into a paper and writing it all in one sitting, working through the writing process actually forced me to stop and thoroughly read every source to find what information I agreed/disagreed with. Pre-writing helped to pinpoint what my beliefs/ideas were in both the personal culture paper as well as the quote-directed paper. Peer review and tutoring really helped to improve the conciseness of my papers, drawing all my thoughts and ideas into clear, cohesive paragraphs that flowed smoothly from one to the next. My peers and my tutor also picked out errors that I tended to overlook; they were unbiased and were able to point out errors such as awkward wording and incorrect punctuation. I know now that a paper cannot be written all in one sitting. It must go through at least several drafts before coming to a final paper. Even after I am finished and have handed in a paper, I still find …show more content…
Writing requires much trial and error, writing and rewriting. When we involve others in the writing process, we open ourselves to new ideas and criticism. By working with others, we are able to more clearly pinpoint our weaker writing and eliminate it. Through peer reviews and blog comments, I was able to see what others thought about my writing. These individuals pointed out places where I had good reasoning and others where I was contradicting myself. They showed me grammatical errors and ways to fix them. These individuals really helped me to pull my writing together into one neat cohesive paper. By the time I even visited a tutor, there was little left other than a comma or two to fix in my papers. Allowing others to read my papers really opened me up to critique and helped to show where I struggle in my writing. As a writer, I will now go forth knowing that when I struggle that I can always turn to someone else to help

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