Performance Management Issues

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Performance management is a key contributor to employee moral, engagement and retention. There are many strategies and procedures around performance management that will alter the affects that it has on the employees. When all the pieces are put together correctly it can be the foundation of a strong and healthy corporation. The issue becomes picking the correct pieces for the combination of the current employees and the goals that the corporation wishes to built toward. Performance management is commonly and mistakenly thought of as simply the tool where employee evaluations or appraisals are recorded. That is one piece of the over all performance management but to enrich employees and reach organizational goals, performance management …show more content…
We have spoken about tools for the employee to help meet a specific goal, but these are more for the employee that is struggling within the organization as a whole. Performance management must have a process here to identify the root cause of the problem. There may be external factors personal factors that can be addressed trough anything from a change in schedule to counseling depending on the issue. The issue could be a personality issue within the immediate work group and a so there should be procedures in place to address or mitigate these issues as well. Finally, the employee and organization may simply not be a good fit. In which case the performance management process must take corrective actions ranging from disciplinary to termination depending on the severity of the issue and the likelihood of it being resolved to the satisfaction of all affected. This part of performance management may obviously have a negative affect on the individual employee impacted but knowing that the process address employe problems and problem employees timely and effectively has a positive affect on the rest of the …show more content…
The degree to which employee development, succession management and employee selection build upon a strong performance management process greatly affects the success of each of these individual process and the overall health of the organization. Employee development must be in line with the organizational strategies. The organizational strategies may allow only for employee development that can tie directly to an employee’s current job or next planned career step. Other organizations may allow for employee development and training that simply enriches the employee. Their strategies embraces the idea that any growth of the individual grows the organization as a whole. Neither of these policies are wrong, they simply must be in line with the organizational strategies, communicated to the employee and consistently

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