Do You Raise My Daughter To Grow Into A Successful Adult?

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When we were young girls, we loved to play houses, my favorite part was the role of dolls’ mother, changing their tiny outfits, walking the dolls through the courtyard in a pink stroller, and even taught them how to cook rice or write my name; do you remember my imaginaries bedtime stories and songs?. At that time, the mom’s role was effortless, I also expressed my desire to raise many children. Many years later, I had my first child, it was then that I realized I was no playing houses anymore, I had numerous questions unanswered. The critical question was: How to raise my daughter to grow into a successful adult? While I was pregnant I read several books about parenting, the definition of the words “parenting” or “parents” was worthy to read, but none describes the steps to …show more content…
I agree that children like to challenge the rules, it is part of their nature; nevertheless, physical punishment is not the method to discipline them. How do you discipline your children? I strongly agree with the statement that, disregarding the discipline method or technique applied, discipline ensures the desired effects, when there is a close parent-child relationship. Therefore, without forgetting the love and respect, parents should inculcate children with rules of conduct, and appropriate behaviors; consequently, children acquired confidence, security and stability, it is the same as prepare them for life. All societies are ruled by strict laws, and set of values, such as honesty, responsibility, and perseverance; it is the parent’s quest to coach children in a well-suited behavior, adhere to the rules, and teach them values, not only at home, but also at school, market, or at the mall. I could not forget to tell you how meaningful is to my daughters, when their behaviors are appropriate, received a compliment, a simple smile, or even a small sticker, promoting further assertive

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