Participation In Special Education Essay

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The lack of parent participation in special education classrooms damages the student’s capability for academic success. Parents participating in special education curriculums are the reason why their children either succeed or fail. Special education curriculums require a different set of guidelines from the school, and input from the parents. The lack of either is the reason for the shortfall of their child’s academic success. Parents that do not assist in their child’s individualized education program (IEP) ruin their child’s capability of progress.
“Research also suggests that teachers and educators may perceive parents as simply lacking interest, under appreciative to their help, and adversarial at times when they do not participate in
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Carry over in education is the continuing of education after a child leaves school grounds. That could be helping children with their homework, or working with them on concepts they may be struggling with. In my survey I asked teachers, “based on a teacher’s perspective, do you think that children would benefit from carry over education,” every teacher rated the question at a five, that means that children would benefit. One of the pillars of education in general, special education, or standard education is carry over. The lack of carry over, will be evident in the child’s grades, and overall their capability for …show more content…
I was able to get the mothers of children with Asperger’s syndrome, downs syndrome, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), and autism. I used the questions from Charles Idler’s research in his dissertation on “Exploring Parental Involvement in Special Education”. I had one parent, that was rushing and gave one word answers, and that is characteristic of the parent that puts everything before their child’s IEP, while the other three parents were more responsive and gave thoughtful answers. I asked the parents five questions, that could be found on page 66 in Idler’s

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