Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

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Every student has experienced a time when they struggled in school, whether they had a difficult time grasping a concept, had trouble answering a question or was unsure how to study for an exam. These are common struggles that many students face when they are in elementary school, high school, college, and even graduate school. However, being the one student that encounters all those difficulties altogether, make it very challenging to achieve in school, especially when they are stigmatized for having a learning disability. Students with learning disabilities can either have a negative or positive school experience based on the attitudes and behaviors of their fellow classmates and teachers. These students often have negative school experiences …show more content…
The students with learning disabilities “are stigmatized because their peers view them with flawed learning characteristics and not considered normal” (Pandy, 2012, pg.8). Having the extra weight of receiving negative behavior from the teachers and classmates really affects the student with learning disabilities. Since those students have a lower level of acceptance from their classmates and teachers, they receive judgment and rejection, which lowers their self-esteem. Academic failure is very common throughout a student’s life that has a learning disability. Many students with learning disabilities accept failure in school therefore; they will no longer have motivation to try anything new. It is even more difficult to succeed in academics when the teacher is not showing any support to those students who need extra help. If teachers and school staff do not have high expectations for students with disabilities to achieve in their academics, then those students will not put much effort into their assignments. Students with learning disabilities who receive negative attitudes and behaviors from their classmates and teachers can have long-term effects. For many students with learning disabilities who have strong feelings of frustration or sadness can result in psychological difficulties and behavioral problems. An expert in the field of learning disabilities stated, “these problems can be far more devastating than the academic challenges themselves…such issues can find their way into and through adulthood” (GreatSchools Staff,

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