Inclusion In The Classroom Essay

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Inclusion-When and How Every child has their own set of schedule that they follow on a daily basis. Throughout the day, the children goes in and out of the life skills class to attend their respective classes for inclusion. They have a chart pinned on the wall which serves as a visual aid. The chart was used by the teacher and children as well for them to work in a well-organized and competent way. In result, through the help of a more structured schedule tasks are executed in a timely manner. Inclusion happens when the child is placed in a general education classroom. For instance, there were two children in the life skills class that were pulled out to attend their second grade math class. The presence of a paraprofessional was required to assist the child in his/her inclusion class. Moreover, the paraprofessional was responsible on keeping track of the child’s performance when included into the general population which was reviewed by the special …show more content…
First, the setting or environment inside the life skills class stimulates and supports the child’s different modalities of learning, such as visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (moving), and tactile (touching). Examples of this are through, Smart boards; visual, play mats or a space for the child to play where they can move freely; kinesthetic, and tools that help the child focus like seat cushions; tactile. Second, there are also different teaching strategies that the teacher used to help each child reach their potential according to their IEP goals. For instance, closely monitoring the child or by conducting one-on-one session was a strategy that effectively aid the child achieve his/her goals. All in all, the class does not only promote learning but diversity as well within the children inside the life skills class. That is one thing I would definitely include in my teaching and celebrating each one’s

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