The Importance Of Opportuing A College Education

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A big question many have during their high school years is “if they should pursue a college education?” College education now is expensive and some feel that it is not worth the cost when there is work available right after high school. Having a college education though can change an individual 's life forever. With an education an individual is prepared to take on all of the problems they will face in the world. To me pursuing a college education is important because with a college education the opportunities in the world are endless, and it is expected by my family however one’s Identity can play a huge role with education and that can affect their pursuit of higher education. For me attending college and receiving a higher education was …show more content…
The opportunities are endless for a person to grow academically and in life. In the novel Ten Little Indians one of the characters Richard had the opportunity to intern for the mayor and eventually these opportunities he received would lead to him working in the political field. Students are on their own for the first time in their lives and this helps them develop responsibility and discipline. They are learning how to better themselves in order to get a job and provide for a family. Another opportunity is exploring new things whether it is clubs or social groups as well as exploring new fields of education. With a college degree you are able to receive a higher paying job than you would with just a high school degree. With higher education you will learn life lessons and skills that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Pursuing higher education is hard in many ways because students are feeling pressure at home and even the backgrounds they come from can make things difficult. Even college itself can be extremely difficult and students often struggle. However, the end result is a degree which can help you be successful in life. Pursuing a higher education is different for everyone because we all come from different backgrounds. However, the opportunities in college are endless and the pursuit of higher education is something we should all strive for in order to please our families and be successful in

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