The Importance Of My Life

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Chinasa Ekeanyanwu
No one’s journey to reach their goal is the same. Because of circumstances out of our control some people have a smooth journey and some have it rough. I grew up in a big family. I am the middle child of five children. I never took interest in specifically pharmacy. But because I was kind, patient, and caring I always knew that I wanted a career in the medical field. This all changed the day my father was diagnosed with stage-four brain tumor called Glioblastoma. I was only nine years old when my siblings and I had certain responsibilities when taking care of my father. I had the responsibility to give him his medication which was often multiple pills at once assuming each for a different purpose. It was interesting how the body reacted to the drugs being taken for instance some pills were taken before he ate to prevent nausea. The same medication, Temodar, I remember very well because it caused my father to also lose his appetite. I did this for about two months before my sister and I were sent Texas to live with my godmother because my mother was left to care for all five children by herself. My father passed away almost seven months after his diagnosis. This traumatic event has had a great influence on my life, and I felt I was given the responsibility of giving him his medication daily for a reason.
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I graduated with honors and got my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. I enrolled in Kean University for my junior and senior year and decided to major in Cell and Molecular Biology. I majored in Biology instead of Chemistry because I didn’t want to be narrow-minded in the sciences just because I found my niche. I wanted to develop my knowledge in learning how the body works, how certain diseases affect the body, and how the drugs used interacts with the body. I am now currently on the Dean’s

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