The Importance Of My Experience

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An Experience

As a college student, I had to study as hard as I do now. My learning skills had complete change since I have been in college. It gives me such as hard time and stressful to complete one quarter. However, when I looked back to myself and I think of an experience that about the same that I had during high school years and it reminded me lots of good time there. During high school, I did not have to study hard; I would be able to study the day before the test and scored well in the test. Although, I took many classes but I still have time to relax and play around with friends and things I like to get done. Now, I going through this experience and I realize that it helps me change lots of things such as study habit, responsibilities and self-control. These experiences had designed my improvement.
My college and high school contrast in is my responsibilities. When I was a high school
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During high school time, teacher often give student to work on homework and study at home is limited. Also, I always expect to do short assignment that I have been discus in class. There is no due date for incomplete or pending work. The learning materials are always expected to learn from what the teacher assigned to and the testes or exams are pretty much in the range that teacher told student to study for it. Different from that, college’s teacher use their time to teach and my assignments are done on my own time. Also, I had to responsible for my all homework without being reminded and teacher usually gives a certain day to due that assignment. If I couldn’t finished or submit it in late, I would get a zero without complained because it is totally my fault. The testes and exams are important and if I am not prepare for it well, I would fail those test easy like play a game. I am glad that I have changed my study habit so that way it would be a good practice for me in the

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