My Capping Project Reflection

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My core courses do not specifically correlated with my capping project; however there are perhaps certain projects or assignments in these classes that taught me certain skills that have contributed to the overall process for my capping. My project is a behind the scenes documentary of the annual Marist College Silver Needle Runway & Awards Show. Through a series of interviews, I navigate through the semester long process the Fashion Show Production class undergoes to produce this highly acclaimed fashion show. The questions or idea I explore during my documentary is, the importance of the Fashion Show Production class to the career paths we would like to take after graduation. There is no specific problem that I am exploring in my documentary, …show more content…
My Ethics class, explored consequentialism; this topic is quite interesting and I took away a lot from it –which I see myself applying throughout the process of me producing this documentary. Consequentialists are those who encourage us to not cry over split milk. They direct our attention to the future, not the past. They ask us to look at the consequences of our actions or policies. For them, the ends justify the means, so long as the ends are good enough. Thus far, the main problem I faced while shooting my documentary was with audio. After shooting an entire interview, I noticed that the audio was not the best. I had to re-shoot the interview and find a way to stay motivated by focusing on the vision I wanted to make happen at the end of it …show more content…
This class deconstructed the way I behaved while watching a film, as I was looking at things I was not perhaps paying attention too. I started to interpret the meaning behind the use of colors, camera angles and lighting. I learned about the little details in a scene and how much meaning these details have to the plot; and most importantly interpreting hidden messages that a director was perhaps trying to get across. There are techniques studied in this class that helped me approach the direction I wanted to take with my documentary. With an understanding of cycles of genre, ideology and tone I was able to develop the vision I have for my documentary. I sat and analyzed what I wanted the audience to get from the documentary. Learning about shot composition is helping me capture significant footage for my documentary.
All in all: Psychology of Self Development, Philosophy, Ethics and Art of the Film have made contributions to my persona, and perhaps not directly to my documentary. These courses had made me understand a bigger picture that allowed me to create this kind of

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