Higher Learning Film Analysis

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The Film Higher Learning by John Singleton is entertaing yet deals with many many life and social issues. The film is about a group of college students from different countries, races and social backgrounds. These group of college students face many problems.I Think the sound and motion in the film is important because without these film elements the movie educatinal points wouldn’t be as important. In the film Higher Learning by John Singleton there are numerous life issues, such as: racism, sexuality and guns on campuses. The film higher learning shows a lot racism issues. In the film Higher Learning we are faced with a group of teenagers who are trying to recreate the nazis. They are agisant jews and blacks and everyone except white. …show more content…
In this film he is telling his professer that he has been is being treated unfairly because he is black. Another issue in this film is gun on campuses. This issue has been brought up a lot now since there has been a lot of school shootings. I think in the film Higher Learning its shows the danger of having guns on campuses. Most people say guns on campus should be a thing because it can be used as a protective, But in the movie Higher Learning he used a sniper and was on top of the buliding. Even if they had guns they had no clue where to shoot it and would just cause a bigger scene. I think this movie shows importantce of guns and security of college campuses. I think since the movie placed in 1995 that the security in collge has changed since then. In college campuses now we have security poles and on campus security who are a lot trained to be more …show more content…
I think watching this film now shows how much they improved since then. We will still always have these social issues but they have become a lot more safer. Racsim has been improved we still see it but we are definitley more diveresed now then we were back then. Rape is a issue and will always be a issue on college campuses. Females to this day still don’t have the courage to speak up if they have been raped. Homosexuality has improved and now in some states gay marriage is legalized. I think a big issues is Guns. There has been a lot of school shooting since this movie. We have improved the sercurity on campuses since 1995. This film potrays a lot of social issues that still occur to this day. In Higher Learning, we learn the social issues such as, racism, guns on campuses and

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