Morale: The Art Of Persuasion

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Introduction Morale is to help determine what goals are important for individuals. There are different levels of morale and different techniques used to reach different goals. Morale and performance is used to help motivate employees to do and be the best they can within the organization. The art of persuasion is used to help understand the employees and help deal with conflicts. Being an effective leader should know what techniques and principles are used to improve employees to be successful (Bethel University, 2017).
Level of Morale According to Bethel University (2017), I have a high level of morale. I worked as a supervisor with expectations to always do better than the day before. As a supervisor I set goals to complete daily, not just
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Employee’s morale and performance will benefit not only the company, but also the employees to strive to be the best. The employees would start to feel important in their line of work and want to succeed if they are shown care and compassion (Bethel University, …show more content…
These styles, techniques, and skills are not just for leaders to understand their employees, but also used to help the leaders figure out what type of leader they want to be and what their goals are. As being a leader at one time, there are things that has inquired some attention that needs to be worked on. The art of persuasion is a focus that needs attention. Being a leader dealing with others has been a struggle, however it is time to start working on techniques that can help improve in this area.

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