The Importance Of Losing Our Friend Star Essay example

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Losing our friend Star was by far the worst thing that had ever happened to either of us. Trying to stay strong for Harley was hard but she let me break down a couple of times. Some would say that made me a pussy but Star was like a sister to me.
When Harley told me she didn’t want to go back to school I was shocked but thankful. I wasn’t ready to let her leave and knew that her stress level would be through the roof. I honestly believed that her parents, especially Bryan, would never allow her to live with me and I was fully prepared to argue with him. Back at the house she hummed around the kitchen while she cooked and tried to avoid telling me what they said.
“I swear to god Harley if you don’t tell me what they said I’m going to bend you over and spank your ass until it’s nice and red.” I growled into her ear when I walked up behind her.
“Hmmm, that sounds fun.” She smiled but wouldn’t look at me.
“Ryder.” Her smile grew bigger.
“Just fucking tell me, please.”
She turned in my arms and slipped her arms around my neck and stared at me, “They said that it’s up to me.”
“I want you to make sure that you really want me here. If it’s going to be like having a roommate then I’ll stay at my house. I won’t be very happy if you drag some chic home and think I’m fine with that.”
I drew my eyebrows together, “Why would you even say that? I haven’t had anybody in this house since that day that Elise was here.”
“Are you sure that…

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