Slipping Through Glass: A Short Story

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Chapter Thirty-Two
Slipping Through Glass

I sat in my room on the floor, silent, still, straining to make out the sound of footsteps downstairs, while I waited for what seemed like forever. Finally, I saw an arm holding a stack of books, a leg, another arm, and Emma slipped all the way through the glass.
“That was awesome,” she said, setting her books down on a table. “We made it back, and hey, look, your room is perfect, except for the pile of dirty clothes in the corner.”
“Right, which is weird because Frey’s thugs destroyed a bunch of my stuff.”
She reached into her pocket and grabbed her cell phone. “It’s working again and we’ve only been gone a day. Oh, wow. I got a text from my mom. She wants me to come home.”
I took the last acorn out of my pocket and smashed it at my feet. For a scary
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“Was that your mom?”
“I think so,” I told her.
I smiled so wide my cheeks hurt.
“That was your mom.”
I could hear her sandals squeak to a halt in the kitchen, then creak up the stairs. My bedroom door squeaked open and there she was my beautiful mother, the weariness and worry evaporating from her face as soon as she saw me.
“Aiden. Emma. Oh, thank goodness.”
She crushed the air right out of us. We stood in the room as she cried and rubbed our backs.
I’ll admit it—my eyes were a little misty, too. I was shaking, I was so relieved to see her.
She told me she’d just appeared at the house moments before. She didn’t remember anything since the ogre. She’d been going out of her mind with worry ever since.
“So, where’s Gramps?” I said.
“He’s probably in the garage tinkering with his Chevy.”
My grandpa loves cars. In fact, he used to race roadsters up and down the main drag in his hometown, and the ‘55 Bel Air was his pride and joy.
“Oh, okay, I’ll say hi to him in a minute.”
“Are you sure you’re all right?”
“Mom, don’t worry, I’ve never been better.”
“All right,” she said. “Come down and have something to

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