Personal Narrative: A Loss Is Never Easy

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A Loss Is Never Easy

To some people September 11th marks just another anniversary of the attack on the twin towers, but for me it has a completely different meaning. Every year my family takes a trip to Branson Missouri for a weekend in early September, we all stay in a resort right on Table Rock Lake. It has always been my favorite vacation, I get to spend time with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and my great grandma and grandpa. The year 2011 was different though, my great grandma had been getting pretty sick and her and my great grandpa stayed home. I had no idea that 2011 would change my life forever. My great grandma Dorthy Fisher was my biggest role model, she strived to make others happy, she was such a hard worker, she was so loving and giving and she was one of my biggest fans, she taught me to put others before myself and that family comes first. My great grandma was always doing for others, she wanted everyone to be comfortable and happy. When I went to my grandparents’ house I remember walking in and smelling her baking food. As soon as we would get to the stop of the stairs she would ask what we want to eat. She always had an egg sandwich waiting for my dad when we got there. My great
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She was always positive even when she was super sick. My dad’s mom died a year before I was born so to hear stories about my dad growing up I would go to her. When she told me stories about my dad she would light up. She told me stories of how he would go hunting with my great grandpa all night and they would get home early in the morning and she would get up make them breakfast, and then start cleaning whatever they had killed. She loved to show me pictures of my dad and great grandpa fishing. Getting to hear those stories were one of my most favorite things about going to her house. It showed my why my dad loves to hunt and fish still today, he now takes me and my brothers with him when he

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