Essay on The Importance Of Learning At A University Level

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To become truly engaged and to be able to actually learn to a higher level as students we must take a much more serious and active role. Reading information directed by the course professors is a great start but it is not the whole story and will rarely lead to a compelling case or any growth, it is because of this we must take more responsibility for our own learning and growth, especially with distance learning.
They key aspects of learning at a university level, especially on a distance course are being:
Intrinsically motivated
Active learner
These ideas come together to create a student who will work hard in all aspects of the course, but what are these areas? Being a self-directed learner means the student is able to look over what is required and review what is needed to be learnt, and the best ways to go about finding out the required information. This is vital but ties in very closely with being an active learner as students must also take control of their learning and not just wait for someone to tell them what to do, they must put in the time and effort to find many of the answers for themselves even if this is not always so easy or straightforward.
On top of these first two being intrinsically motivated is a great way to ensure overtime and over boring topics you will remain focused on the bigger picture and remind yourself why exactly are you doing this course. Interest in the course and topic area is very important to ignite that spark but it will…

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