Group Development Case Study

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The Essay:

As I am being appointed as a team leader in IT firm and my senior management has given me task to write an essay on few topics to show how can we improve in as field.
So the topics are :
1. Leadership.
2. Belbin's team Roles.
3. Stages of group Development.
4. Group Think.

Now I would like to elaborate these topics.
1.LEADERSHIP: First of all we should know What is Leadership? Leadership is a procedure where an individual leads a team from the front and influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. It is the ability of an organization or an individual to inspire a group of intelligent people to work to work together as a team for a common goal. A leader also bring people from different mindset in coordinate
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A leader should first of all clarify the goal to the other individuals and different tasks to each individual of the group members. A leader should listen to the personal opinion of every individual and help them in solving the problem they face. A leader should explain the needs of a task and the opinion of one individual to the others. A leader should sort out the conflicts between the group members. He should find out the abilities of the team members and should try to give tasks according to their abilities. A leader should encourage his group members to elaborate their ideas and show their interest in the tasks. A leader should polish their abilities by motivating them. A leader should establish a structure for the tasks so that it should be easy to achieve and make the members capable of decision making by polishing their skill through motivation and listen to their problems. A leader should be able to communicate every time when they need him. Organize meetings after certain times. Make the members to be committed every time shouldn't loose hope. The leader should always be easy accessed by the group members. He should always share the information. And make each every group member to communicate with each other and share the information. And lastly should make a friendly environment and supply ways of refreshment to keep the motivated. And always appreciate their work. And give them proper time. A leader …show more content…
Plant: in plant it is stated that a team member should be able to create ideas and imaginary ideas. Should be generative. And able to solve different problems. There are few things that can be ignored which are small mistakes.
2. Resource Investigator: a leader should be out going always communicative and should be enthusiastic. Able to be explore opportunities and develop contacts.
3. Coordinator: should be mature , fully confident about everything, should be able to identify talent and clarify goals. And delegate effectively.
4. Shaper: should be challenging and dynamic and have the ability to overcome the pressure. And also has th derive and overcome every kind of obstacles. Offend weaknesses of members.
5. Team worker: should be co-operative and diplomatic in answers and perceptive and averts frictions and helpful and indecisive in crunch situation.
6. Implementer: everyone should be practical, reliable and efficient. Should be able to turn ideas into actions. And able to organize the work that should be done by the given time.
7. Completer Finisher: should be conscious and anxious . Able to search out errors and fix them. Polish them and make them perfect.
8. Specialist: should not be double minded and should be dedicated and self starter and should be able to provide knowledge and

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