Qualities Of A Co-Coordinator Essay

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As a leader, I find that my best qualities include delegation, efficiency and intuition. Leadership positions come with great responsibilities. Trusting others to complete a task can help manage those responsibilities. Of course, I would rather do everything myself but, that is not always feasible. As an Alternative Service Break coordinator, my capability to discern when to have confidence in my co-coordinator and allow them to help will aid me in being a more effective and efficient leader. Delegating also helps to remind me that sometimes, giving others an opportunity to take on responsibility can contribute to their own personal growth. Say I am trying to figure out logistics with my co-coordinator but lunches also need to be handed out. Allowing a volunteer to step up and organize lunch gives them the opportunity to bond with their fellow volunteers and take over a small but meaningful moment of leadership while also reducing …show more content…
Imagining, however, that this could happen, there are a few qualities that I think an ideal co-coordinator would possess. I would hope that my co-coordinator would be willing to accept my strengths and weaknesses. If one of us does not feel comfortable addressing a situation, having a partner that is willing to step up and take on that responsibility creates a comfortable partnership. Sometimes, one individual is better suited for a specific task than the other. From dealing with different personality types that we might encounter to deciding who has better organizational skills, having the confidence to identify how our dynamic works best would increase the potential for a great partnership. When thinking about a personality that would be most complementary to my own, I imagine a person that can have fun and be light-hearted. Admittedly, I am of a more serious nature and recognize that, for me, having a more bubbly personality around helps me get outside of my comfort

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