Statement Of Purpose: Field Hockey

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If you graduated high school you remember the fast whirlwind of senior year. College applications alone are like a hurricane that won’t give up until it takes everything out of you. They judge you based on grade point average, ACT/SAT scores, and extracurricular activities. Not everyone can have a four point oh grade point average, multiple varsity letters, be president of different organizations, have time for friends and family, and still somehow be a teenager. If you look at a person based solely on their title there aren’t that many leaders. Many people can become leaders by doing many little tasks instead of a few big ones. I exhibit leadership skills by sharing my experiences to help others, taking initiative and leading by example, and …show more content…
When I started high school, I started a new sport: Field Hockey. I was one of four sophomore girls that made the varsity team; I felt honored and tried my hardest to encourage and help the new junior varsity players. At first during scrimmages and practices when I could tell they were frustrated I told them, “You’re doing amazing. I was right where you were a year ago, new and confused. This sport is hard and confusing, but once you understand it more you will come to love it and your teammates.” At the same time I would help them with the line drills and hits by slowing it down and showing them instead of just doing it to get it done. Meanwhile, I was a member The Futures Program is USA Field Hockey’s Olympic Development Program, the very beginning to the Olympic pipeline. It was taught by the top coaches in the country and is a college recruitment program. I also attended Northwestern University’s Field Hockey Elite Camp during the summers before the season started. Northwestern is a Division 1 school and their coach, Tracy Fuchs, is a NCAA champion and a past United States National Team member. I was fortunate enough to attend these two unique workshops where I learned from an Olympic player how to do a reverse chip shot. Afterwards I taught my friend, Julia, who is a left wing how to do the reverse chip and she later mastered it and used it in games. This …show more content…
For instance, at my old job I led by sweeping, moping, doing dishes, and keeping the front clean without the manager telling me to. A majority of the time there was no manager and just two teenagers. It would have been easy for me to not care and play on my phone, but I showed leadership by completing the tasks. Currently at my job I lead the other teenagers by arriving early, being polite, helping other coworkers when they need help, and providing excellent customer service. Two times secret shopper mistook me for the manager and gave me a one hundred percent. Furthermore, I’m a member of Kids Food Basket’s Youth Action Board, where we met monthly to discuss social issues with community leaders. My friend and I are leading a class of sixth graders in volunteering there. We will be decorating the bags that the meals go in. This unique opportunity allows me to help give back and introduce young students to volunteer work. Leading by example will be important for college because it will help you succeed with your studies and later on job. Your professor may notice the leadership skills you possess and help you get an internship or

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