The Importance Of Knights And Knights In Medieval Times

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In medieval times there were kings,princesses and knights. If I could be one it would be a knight.Medieval kings,princesses, and knights had many things to do.
Kings were important in the medieval times. He has to protect the church and fulfill his duties. He also has to train the monarch which is an high ranking soldiers preparing them for battle.In their education they have to learn how to joust,hold a sword,bible,history,and different languages.Being a king was hard because the eldest son has to be a peace treaty and they were threatened to get killed.This is why kings are important.
Princesses do a lot of things for the kingdom too. They have to go to daily mass. She also has to give donations to charity. Goes to council meetings whenever it’s held. Supervised by the queen in affairs,politics, and history. The princesses did a lot of things back then.
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They were taken from age 7 and trained for 20 to 30 years. They went to many tournaments to test to skills. The knights code of chivalry states that they have to serve their lords. They were even respected by the people in the kingdom. This is why I would want to be a knight of the medieval times. This is how Knights worked as hard as princesses and kings.
In conclusion, Medieval kings,princesses,and knights had many roles to do.This is also why I wanted to be a knight.This was some things princesses. kings, and knights

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