The Importance Of Kinship Caregiver Health ( Physical, Mental And Emotional Of Each Kin

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Family Functioning
Kinship caregiver health (physical, mental and emotional of each kin caregiver

Ms. Norman stated that she has no health issues nor does she take any medications. She stated that her last checkup was over a year ago. Ms. Norman reported no other health, emotional or mental health issues and stated that she has no disabilities that will prevent her from caring for the children. This interviewer indicated that on a previous home study she was reported to having bipolar. Ms. Norman stated that she never diagnosed with bipolar. She stated that she was going to through a depression due to struggles in her marriage in her marriage. She stated that she went to talk to a professional about her issues, but was never prescribed any medication for mental health treatment.

Family rules and boundaries:

Ms. Norman stated that she would respect the child’s right to privacy and accommodate her needs. No major expectations would be expected, as the child is young in age. She only wants to provide protection for the child.

Handling Stress and Expressing Negative Feelings:

Ms. Norman stated she is able to control her anger; and does not believe any situation will arise that would get her upset. However, if a situation does, she would take a break from it. She stated she would look at TV.

Kinship caregiver’s home:

The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A complete walk through of the home was completed. Ms. Norman occupies the master bedroom; both Aaliyah…

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