Understand The Importance Of Interviews

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As part of the Human resource management team, it is important to understand the importance of interviews and how it is arranged and conducted. Interview is one of the processes of managing the recruitment. Measom (2011) states that:
It is one of the components under the human resource recruitment process in which, the human resource management team wished to find out more detailed information about a particular applicants/participants, or stakeholders and partners about their views on a project/program.
It is usually conducted one to one either by face or over the telephone to obtain the details of the applicants to best suit their job description. In order for that to happen, it is first better to understand the types of interview and how
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Conducting an interview is one stage of the hiring process where it's not advisable to be creative or spontaneous. The interviews are conducted pre-arranging the time and place for an interview consider whether the interviewee will be more comfortable if in a familiar setting, which may require travel time. It also involves putting of efforts and commitment of time to ask questions and listen to the feedbacks of the asked questions. All of these contribute to the arranging and the conducting of the interviewing of the job applicants based on certain jobs description’s which comes in the process of managing …show more content…
It is a process by which managers respond to opportunities and threats by analysing options, and making decisions about goals and courses of action In terms of managing recruitment, decisions are made in response to opportunities and in response to threats’.
According to Pathak (2010), the decision making process has six steps. The steps involved are 1) Recognize need for a decision 2) Frame the problem 3) Generate and assess alternatives 4) Choose among alternatives 5) Implement chosen alternatives and 7) Learn from feedbacks. Once these processes or steps are followed there will be efficiency in making the decision
After the decision making process has been done we have to evaluate and assess the act of decision making with regards to managing recruitment. In the evaluation process of the decision making the HR manager has to question whether his decisions are legal, ethical, economically feasible and practical.
1) Is it legal? Managers must first be sure that an alternative is both legal in this country and abroad for exports.
2) Is it ethical? The alternative that the HR manager decides on must be ethical and not hurt stake holders

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